What is the Ottawa Co-operative Network?


The Ottawa Co-op Network (OCN) was formed in September 2011 to bring together co-op and credit union members from across the Ottawa area to network, celebrate and raise awareness of the International Year of Co-operatives.

The Ontario Co-operative Association played a large role in the initial formation of the network, challenging cities and regions to form their own clusters or networks in recognition of the need to work together to mark the United Nations year. A group of local co-operator’s heeded their call and had our first meeting in a local Bridgehead coffee shop, where we soon realized a larger space would be needed for future meetings! The large turnout showed there was indeed a need and enthusiasm for co-op’s in our city to work together.

Since its inception, the OCN has come together to raise awareness of the co-operative business model, celebrate Ottawa’s Co-operatives and has built closer working relationships to live the 6th co-operative principle, “Co-operation Amongst Co-operatives.” Our volunteer run organization continues to meet regularly and enjoys the work involved in building the co-op movement in Ottawa!

Mission Statement

We Promote, Educate and Work Together to grow the Co-operative Sector in Ottawa

Our Members

Our network has representatives from a wide array of co-op’s including financial, social, housing and retail, as well as local and national organizations such as the Co-operative Housing Association of Eastern Ontario and the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada.

Our Strategic Work Plan

The OCN is eager to build on the successes we have had over the past two years in promoting the co-op model in our community.

We want to continue to foster a co-operative economy in Ottawa. To do this, we have developed a strategic work plan that outlines our mission statement, strategic priorities, and key activities. We look forward to putting this plan into action to continue to grow the co-op movement in Ottawa!

Blueprint for a Co-op Decade

The Ottawa Co-op Network continues to meet regularly to build on our achievements during the International Year and to support the International Co-operative Alliance’s blueprint for a Co-operative Decade.